Working With The
Character Object

By following this tutorial step-by-step you will learn how to achieve:
  • animated walking characters with collision detection and physics
  • entities going where the user clicks, on a 3d map (for RTS game etc)
  • path-constrained movements for player controlled characters (for 2.5D games etc)
  • basic artificial intelligence with minimal scripting

  • To see the character in action now, launch 3D Rad and open the project called CharacterDemo.3dr. Press the space-bar to run the project.

  • For this tutorial you will need to setup a simple project, as shown in the video on the left. Make sure you start with an empty project (Ctrl+N).

  • Keep 3D Rad in the background, while following this tutorial.

  • While the movie plays, feel free to use the slider to review each step.

    You can also stop the video at any time, switch to 3D Rad to do what you have seen, switch back here, restart the video and so on.

    If you are new to 3D Rad, please don't miss this quick overview about the editor.

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    Please allow some time for the movie above to load. If you can't see the video after a reasonable delay, please click here. Note that this clip has no audio.